Computer Maintenance Tips for a Safer, Faster, Better PC Experience

If you own a computer, you really should know the basics for care, maintenance and protecting your privacy. On this website, you’ll find some computer maintenance tips … quick and easy guidance for improving your PC’s performance, how to fix a slow computer, PC security and even a little computer humor.

Computer Humor
Sometimes it’s funny … sometimes, it’s snot.

Computer Setup
My basic premise is that I want the computer to do ONLY what I tell it to do. Here are general computer setup and operation tips I recommend.

How to Defrag Windows
Defragmentation has to do with wasted space. During the normal process of your computer hard drive operation, the data that is stored on it gets fragmented – that is – it gets spread out over the whole capacity of the drive.

Safe Mode
From this special boot up menu, you can select Safe Mode. The system will go through a slightly different boot sequence and will let you know that you are in Safe Mode.

Fix a Slow Computer
Be aware that your computer is always doing something when it is powered on. You need to know what it used to do better before you can determine what it is not doing so well now.

Improve PC Performance
Here’s one of Wuzzy’s little secrets on how to improve your PC’s performance and a great way to use MSCONFIG.

Backup Your PC
You should be backing up any data that is not available to restore from the installation disk, downloads, or, if you have it, the System Restore function. Restoring from a backup is kind of like changing a flat tire. A lot of people never even consider doing either one until the need arises.

PC Security
Beware of Hackers. You don’t need to invite trouble. So don’t! Here’s how …

Computer Internet Security
Three main components of computer internet security include virus protection, spyware removal and simple awareness on how to avoid both email spam and phishing.

Internet Security – Creating Accounts
Learn how to create a “system” for creating internet accounts securely, and start making changes to protect your personal information each time you log in to an existing account.

PC Replacement
PC Replacement can be costly, but eventually, it is necessary. However, adopting my motto “Why Buy New When Repair Will Do?” may save you hundreds of dollars.